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Single Cup Guest Room Coffee

cuisinart single cup coffee podsCuisinart™ Private Collection single cup coffee is the culmination of the finest beans from growing regions around the world. Single cup coffee pods are simple to use and eliminate the mess of grinding coffee beans or scooping pre-ground coffee. Our Private Collection Coffees were created with the refined traveler in mind in order to bring in-room coffee to a new level of excellence never before achieved. We are confident that Cuisinart® brings an entirely new experience to guests of any hospitality establishment that is centered on quality, a stimulating taste, and an impressive image. The combination of premium coffees with the best Cuisinart® coffee brewers gives you a completely exclusive in-room coffee package that your guests will want to wake up and use.

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Cuisinart Single Cup Coffee pods

Single Cup Coffee

Our Private Collection single cup coffee is available in both regular and decaffeinated. This 100% Arabica coffee has a rich, robust flavor and aroma that will both refresh and energize your guests. Each pod brews one perfect cup of coffee.

Cuisinart one cup coffee pod

Universal Coffee Pod

The design of our single cup coffee pod provides compatability with virually any coffee pod brewer. Our pods are a standard 62 milimeters in diameter and contain 8 grams of coffee providing for a consistently great tasting cup of coffee that your guests are sure to rave about.

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