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Four Cup Filter Pack Coffee

cuisinart-4cupglassCuisinart™ Private Collection coffee is a culmination of the finest beans from growing regions around the world. Filter Packs are simple to use and eliminate the mess of grinding coffee beans or scooping pre-ground coffee. Our Private Collection Coffees were created with the refined traveler in mind in order to bring in-room coffee to a new level of excellence never before achieved. We are confident that Cuisinart® brings an entirely new experience to guests of any hospitality establishment that is centered on quality, a stimulating taste, and an impressive image. The combination of premium coffees with the best Cuisinart® coffee brewers gives you a completely exclusive in-room coffee experience that is unparalleled and will have your guests jumping out of bed to use in the morning.

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Cuisinart Private Collection 4 cup coffee

Cuisinart® Premium (4 Cup)

Cuisinart® Premium Private Collection 4 cup coffee is a robust 100% Arabica coffee product with the taste of a traditional Coffee House style coffee with a full body, rich flavor, and inviting aroma. This collection is available in regular and decaffeinated. In addition, this Private Collection was specifically designed for the Cuisinart® 4 cup coffee brewer, but is compatible with any standard 4 cup coffee maker.

Cuisinart Private Collection 4 cup coffee

Cuisinart® Select (4 Cup)

Cuisinart® Select 4 Cup is a 100% Arabica medium roast filter pack coffee designed to brew a consistently smooth cup of coffee while offering a great cost savings. Cuisinart® coffee is roasted to peak flavor to capture its unique characteristics for your guests’ personal indulgence. This collection is available in regular and decaffeinated.

10 cup filter pouch

The 4 Cup Filter Pack

Cuisinart® coffee is packaged in filter packs, which consists of a pouch constructed of coffee filter paper that is filled with a precise amount of fresh ground coffee. Individual filter packs are wrapped and sealed to maintain freshness. Filter packs provide you with a simple, clean, and convenient way to present your guests with premium Cuisinart® Coffee.

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