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Coffee Condiments

Cuisinart’s® universal condiment packs add the final touch to our in-room coffee amenity packages. Simple portion packs eliminate waste, while providing your guests with all of the desired accessories they may need to complete a great cup of coffee.

Cuisinart amenity pack with liquid creamer
Coffee Condiment Pack (AMPCM)
This coffee condiment pack is ideal for hotel guest room use. These condiment packs contains 150 packets per case. Each clear wrapped condiment pack contains:
  • 2 Liquid cream cups
  • 2 Sugar packets
  • 2 Sugar substitute packets
  • 2 Coffee stirrers
  • 1 Napkin
Cuisinart amenity pack
Coffee Condiment Pack (AMPNAP)
Our coffee condiment packs are designed for hospitality in-room use. These condiment packs contain 300 packets per case. Each condiment pack contains:
  • 2 Cream packets
  • 2 Sugar packets
  • 1 Sugar substitute packets
  • 2 Coffee stirrers
  • 1 Napkin
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